One on One Personal Training

Using a clinical approach as a NASM certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and advanced weight training protocols, this unique style of Personal Training will get you moving more efficiently, feeling stronger, and allow you to reach your fitness goals.


Group Personal Training

Want to train with a friend or family member? Statistically gym-goers have a higher success rate when they have a partner to hold them accountable and to share in each others progress. Groups are limited to 2 people to ensure the same high quality attention is given to each person.

Manual Ligament Therapy

MLT contributes to the healing process of ligaments and also uses the influence of ligaments on connective tissue to quickly relax hypertonic muscles, tendons and fascia.  It allows a speedy resolution for simple physical impairments and speeds up the healing process in more difficult and complex conditions.

MLT is very effective in treating athletes, who are recovering from an injury, as well as fine-tuning their bodies for optimal functioning at all skill levels.  MLT not only greatly reduces pain, but it has also been shown to increase athletic performance due to the effect it has on the nervous system and all that is regulated by it.  In fact, MLT is the chosen treatment modality of the famous, University of Southern California swim and dive team.

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Individualized Atmosphere

Our gym is dedicated to creating and fostering confidence. Because we don’t offer memberships the only people in the gym during that hour are those clients receiving personal training. This allows people who may be a little shy or embarrassed working out in front of people the personal space needed to workout with hesitation and with confidence.