Do you have contracts?

Our only contract is the new "Warrior Package". The duration for that specific contract is only 3 months.

All other packages are non contract based. In other words you pay as you go and you have an entire calendar year to use your sessions.

Do you having cancelation policies?

We have the industry standard of 24-hour notice of cancelation.

Do you sell memberships and can we workout on our own?

Unfortunately no. Our clients reserve time slots for private sessions.

Warrior Commitment Package:

This is a new package we decided to offer at the popular request of some of our clients. This package is designed to put a little cash back in the pockets of some of our weekly gym grinders who commit to their workout week in and week out. You choose 2- time slots per week and rather than purchasing a specific number of sessions per month you enter into a membership type package that you pay the same amount every month for 3 months.

We were hesitant to offer any package that had a contract attached to it as we have heard of the horror stories of people trying to get out of a year long contract with some of the big box gyms. So we offered a much more economical and shorter package that allows you the freedom to test it out for 3 months to see if that package works for you. At the end of the contract you have the choice to continue with that package for another 3-month cycle, choose one of our other packages that allows more flexibility, or end your training all together. Our main goal is not to lock you into something long term but rather offer a different package that might work great for some people’s needs.

By selecting this training package you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth in this contract. Please carefully read the conditions below as this package works great for some people and saves money, but it might not be the right package for others.


3- Consecutive Months
3 - Scheduled payments. Clients will be billed the same day every month. For instance, if you start on the 10th, you will be billed the same day the following month.


This package is purchasing/reserving (2) specific 1-hour training sessions per week. Due to the nature of this package which offers a discount for such commitment to a specific time slot, missed sessions cannot be made up at a later time due to work, vacation, sick days, etc.

Termination Policy:

In the event a termination is requested, due to the fact that the sessions are discounted a refund can be issued minus a 10% fee of the remaining package total. This fee is put in place only to recoup the discounted training sessions already used.

In the event the trainer cancels a session for whatever reason, a prorated discount will be given on the following payment cycle. However, if client is on the last billing cycle of the contract, a prorated check will be issued for the session(s) missed. A second option would be at the trainer’s discretion and client approval where the client has a make-up session or credit to be performed at a future date within 60 calendar days.

Why you may not be reaching your goals.

There are many reasons why you may not be getting the results you want from your workouts. In my experience each case is different and unique but there are a few that keep popping up more times than not.

1.) Improper instruction and execution of exercises. If you are doing an exercise designed to target a specific muscle group but you don't "feel it", how effective is your technique? It boils down to having the ability to fire, or activate the muscle groups your body should be firing.

2.) Too much cardio and not enough weights. Look at the cardio section at any gym in January. Everyone flocks to the cardio machines and spends close to an hour on them with an initial loss in water weight but no real change in body composition. Utilizing proper exercises with weights or body weight will yield much more returns toward your fitness goals.

3.) Have a specific goal and have it measurable. If your goal is vague you don't have a plan to break it down and attack it, chances are you won't be very successful. An example of the above mentioned is "I want to lose weight before summer". A more specific approach might be "I want to lose 4% body fat every month for 3 months to look and feel healthier". The second approach is specific and measurable.

4.) Make a lifestyle change and stay away from fad diets. I'm personally not a fan of diets as they are not maintainable for very long. Like my dad used to reminded me, KISS-Keep It Simple Stupid. Stay away from processed foods, sugars, etc. Start cooking more at home. Yes, that means dusting off those pans, putting Bobby Flay on the tube, and learning your way around the kitchen. It sounds daunting at first, but these life skills are rewarding and actually pretty fun once you get the hang of it.

6.) Have someone to hold you accountable. Most new gym goers will attend the gym for a month initially. Nearly everyone will start to drop like flies and stop going all together when the third month rolls around. Have a buddy to go with and hold you accountable or hook up with a reputable trainer. I know, I know, that sounds like a cheesy sales pitch. However, it does get your butt in the gym, especially if its a great workout with results.

5.) Have fun! Your workouts shouldn't be miserable. You should walk out of the gym feeling better and refreshed. If you're crawling out of your gym and wanting to puke, more power to ya, but its really not needed to have an effective workout.