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Group Personal Training Package Prices

One on One Personal Training Package Rates

  • Fit Package (4) sessions           318.00 
  • Sport Package (8) sessions     572.40
  • Elite Package (12) sessions     805.60 
    *Tax not included 

Group Personal Training Package Prices

  • Fit Package (4) sessions          190.80
  • Sport Package (8) sessions    360.40
  • Elite Package (12) sessions    519.40
    *Tax not included

Alternative Services

  • Drop-in session (1)                     80.73
  • Fixed Warrior Package  (1 on 1)   486.54
  • Fixed Warrior Package (group)   306.34
    *Tax not included

Warrior Commitment Package

This is a new package we decided to offer at the popular request of some of our clients. This package is designed to put a little cash back in the pockets of some of our weekly gym grinders who commit to their workout week in and week out. You choose 2- time slots per week and rather than purchasing a specific number of sessions per month you enter into a membership type package that you pay the same amount every month for 3 months...

Lets Get Started...

Getting started is super easy and no risk. Just call us up and schedule a FREE one-hour consultation and evaluation. This also gives you a taste of how we train. At the end of your session we hope you enjoyed your workout, answer any questions you may have and send you on your way with one of our cards to schedule your next session if you wish. We purposefully removed the pressure sales aspect unlike most gyms.